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What Is Practical Law?

What is practical law

No matter what industry a tech company is in, the solution is just as important as its interface. The software cleanup method is seamless with products that are full of features and content that users cannot or cannot access.

Last week, Erica Kataev, Senior Director of Practical Law Products Department, outlined to me the latest changes designed to enact practical law that provides lawyers with the fastest and most reliable response to those trying to tackle their work. The dynamic toolkit provides new ways to explore and see the deeper knowledge that already exists in practical law. Is there artificial intelligence? Of course there is AI.

“We have taken what we have learned from nearly three decades of AI skills and, in particular, have adapted our technology to material written by lawyers at West Law Age and developed it into new property law applicable to editorial content,” said Isabel Molinier. President and AI Leadership at Thomson Reuters Labs.

“With more lawyers working from afar, a trusted advisor is no longer always down the hall, relying on technology to identify and find an expert within it with the help of legal professionals with AI and data-driven insights, too.”

So, what are you doing? The new offer is now available in the US and UK as an upgrade, and offers five features: Dynamic Search: As humans, our brains are now connected to understanding Google, so why not take on our lives as professionals?

Dynamic Search:

This is a natural language search bar that takes advantage of artificial intelligence so that any information you start on your keyboard can get the information you need at the moment. In Practical Law, there are “more than 600 global attorney editors” designing this material. This search tool reaches the user.

Knowledge Map:

For visual learners, there is an opportunity to explore practical law content in visual form. “The Knowledge Map is a first of its kind in the legal field, providing users with a unique way to gain instant insights into their condition and helping them find relevant resources they would otherwise miss.” Playing with it during the demo, it’s easy to see how the attorney can come down the rabbit hole by hunting down new leads that appear with each new research.

Quick Comparison:

Comparing concepts from all jurisdictions is easy with a tool that allows the user to create a simple chart detailing the relevant rules within an individual’s chosen jurisdiction. It updates static schemas already in the code of practice, giving the user the freedom to customize the schema.

Interactive Meter Maps:

With links to practical law resources available for each milestone, the state lifecycle is set up. These are also customizable if you have to add a unique course to your specific state or if you want to start from scratch.

What is Market Analytics:

This feature allows users to easily discover market trends, and quickly compare data-driven insights and concepts, such as charts and graphs for key terms in documents and contracts, or recent filings. This is allowed. Connect the data points of your choice and get a visual of the market as a whole or at whatever resolution you want.


My conclusion is that practical law emphasizes the importance of presenting its content to consumers in the best possible way. More customization, more AI support, and more imagination. Content has always been there, and is now constantly innovating when it comes to delivery.