Michigan Poker Lotto Lottery Results Sunday September 26, 2021 - Michigan Lottery Results

Michigan Poker Lotto Lottery Results Sunday September 26, 2021

Poker Lotto is a draw game with Instant win option. You can win top prize of $100,000 at the cost of $2.00 per ticket. It is available in Michigan only for a responsible person, must be at the age of 18 and above.

Winning Numbers

9, 8, Q, 5, 2

How to Play?

Poker Lotto is an exciting game and very easy to play.

  • No play slip is required. If you want to play, then go an authorized Lottery retailer to get your Poker Lotto ticket.
  • Tickets for the current draw are available until 7:08 p.m. daily.
  • Tickets are available for the next draw at 7:10 p.m. daily.
  • Mark Easy Pick, your 5 cards will be selected randomly from a standard 52-card deck.
  • These cards are not only printed on the ticket but also shown on the Terminal Display.

How to win?

You win instantly, If the 5 cards you have drawn create a winning Poker hand. Every ticket has two chances to win POKER LOTTO, you can claim the instant prize immediately, or hold on your ticket until after the nightly draw to see if you win again.

What are Poker Hands?

  • In Royal Flush: your selected cards 10-S, J-S, Q-S, K-S, A-S match the cards drawn 10-J-Q-K-A, all in the same suit.
  • In Straight Flush 5 consecutive cards drawn are all in the same suit as your selected cards 8-D, 9-D, 10-D, J-D, Q-D.
  • 4 of a Kind in which 4 cards of the same rank match your selected cards A-C, A-D, A-H, A-S, 5-S.
  • Full House in which 3 of a Kind and a pair match the selected cards 5-D, 5-S, 10-H, 10-S, 10-C.
  • Flush in which all 5 cards match in the same order as selected cards 3-H, J-H, A-H, 9-H, Q-H, but do not have to be consecutive.
  • Straight in which 5 consecutive cards from any suit match your selected cards 7-C, 8-H, 9-H, 10-S, J-D.
  • 3 of a Kind in which 3 cards of the same rank match the selected cards J-C, J-H, J-D, A-S, 9-S.
  • 2 Pair of cards of the same rank match your selected cards10-S, 10-D, A-H, A-S, 9-S.
  • Pair of Jacks or Better 2 Jacks, 2 Queens, 2 Kings, or 2 Aces match your selected cards K-S, K-H, 3-D, 8-S, 6-D.

Check Your Numbers

If you want to check your winning numbers, then keep in touch with Michigan Lottery.

How to claim in-store?

Due to recent pandemic Covid-19, the offices are closed, but you can claim any in-store Lottery winnings of more than $600 and up to $99,999.99 by following ways.

  • By making an appointment  at claim center: If you win the game and want to claim your winning amount, then make an appointment by calling at 1-844-917-6325.
  • Drop-off at a Claim Center: Drop-off your claims at claim center on Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • By Mail: Sign the back of the ticket. Fill out the Ticket Receipt Form carefully. Attach a copy of a valid photo ID and Social Security Card. After completion, send all documents to the Michigan Lottery Attn: Claim Center. You should keep a copy of all documents for your records.

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