Auto Insurance Quotes In Florida

Auto insurance quote is the amount or rate that an insurance company charges you on the basis of your basic information you submit at the time of buying any insurance coverage for your vehicle. Each insurance company release different quotes for each insurance policy. You can compare and analyze the different quotes by different companies and purchase the best insurance coverage that suits you.

Why do you need auto insurance in Florida?

Auto insurance is required because you cannot drive your vehicle without insurance as it is illegal. Many insurance companies are providing services in Florida, presenting you the best and affordable insurance policies. It depends on your pocket and need which one is best for you.

Types of auto insurance policies Florida

If you buy a new car in Florida, you need to check and get the insurance from any reliable insurer. You need to get the auto insurance quotes from different companies and compare them to sort out the best coverage that give you more benefits. You need to get the following coverage required by the state of Florida.

Bodily Injury Insurance

The insurer pays you the damage in case of any physical injury or death in accident either it is your fault. The auto insurer compensates your loss according to their policy limit and conditions.

Property damage Insurance

In this coverage, the insurer gives you the money against damage to other’s property in result of any accident with your vehicle.

Uninsured motorist Insurance

Sometimes, you might face physical injury or property loss due to your vehicle accident driven by any uninsured driver or u identified driver. They pay your damage back with good compensation.

Personal Injury Insurance

The insurer pays all of your medical expenses due to accident, they also pay any damage to your furniture or jewelry whatever the cause of accident either you are at fault or not.

The minimum requirement by Florida for the Auto insurance coverage is shown in the table below.

Types of coverage/ insurance policyMinimum Charges by Florida
Bodily Injury Insurance$10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident
Property damage insurance$ 10,000 per accident
Uninsured Motorist Insurance$10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident
Personal Injury Insurance  $10,000

Cost of Insurance /coverage

Whatever the coverage you buy from Florida, its cost varies depending upon your area, driving history and much more. You might need to know about factors that affect the auto insurance quotes.

Type of coverage your age

Age is a major factor that affects car insurance rates. Younger drivers >18 < 25 pay comparatively more for auto insurance than older drivers> 30.The main reason behind this is that the young ones are at high risk of accidents. You might be wandering what should be the rate of auto insurance for three specific ages as an example 18, 25 and 30.

Age of insuredCoverage typePays off
18 years oldFull auto coverage$ 6,777/year
25 years oldFull coverage$2,184/ year
30 years oldFull car insurance$ 1,922/year

Area where you drive

Your area where you park or drive your vehicle greatly affects the cost of coverage. In California, the cost becomes double after an accident whereas in Pennsylvania, only 17% rates increase after accident. In Florida, the auto insurance quotes are $282/month that are very high.

Who you are? A man or a woman

Auto insurance quotes can be affected by the gender as men have to pay 9% more premium than females.


Your education also affects the Auto insurance quotes. The persons who have completed their education and are highly qualified pay less than the persons who have not completed their degrees. The doctors pay less than all others.

Your marital status

Married people pay 7% less than unmarried people.

Owner or homeless

The people who are home owners pay less than the people who are homeless.

Your driving habits

The more you drive the car there is more risk of any accident or damage. That is why the auto insurance quotes for your driving habits may increase or decrease.

Type of your vehicle

It also determines the value of auto insurance quotes. Usually the model and its speed and where it is used are most important factors. If your car is fast driving and imported, it would be costly as its parts are hard to find and replace.

Your driving history and credit score

If you have driving license for last seven years you are lucky and you will have to pay 6.5% less quotes for auto insurance.

Auto insurance quotes are less if your insurance policy provides you more services. Everyauto insurance differs with less or more services. Some policies pay you the damage against your injuries and some on your property. There are high level insurance policies that include some additional benefits like medical expenses, property damage, raodside accidents and forgiveness that is why they are expensive.  So the drivers who select the insurance coverage for liability only will pay less.

Where should you buy Insurance?

Auto insurance quotes can help you find the right insurance policy for you. Quotes can help you to get best idea of the different types of car insurance coverages in the market. It allows you to compare quotes and prices of insurance coverage you want to buy before buying a policy.

How to Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes?

If you are interested in buying free insurance quotes, there are a few different ways:

  • Visiting an agent
  • Calling an agent via phone
  • Using  insurance company websites
  • Comparison services like Insurify to find policies online.

Getting a quote via online comparison services

There are different online comparison services like Insurify. They offer lots of benefits that you cannot get by visiting the agent or calling him over phone.  These comparison services provide you the list of quotes on each policy from top insurers in Florida.

If you go for comparison services online, you only need to put in your personal details once to view a list of car insurance quotes from top companies. There is no restriction of time. You can final the deal on an insurance policy at any time of day or night while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Getting a quote by visiting an insurance agent 

If you do not have the facility of internet, you can get the quotes by visiting an insurance agent in person. It is an easy and simple way to purchase a policy. However, visiting agents in person takes more time than comparing quotes over the phone or online.

The offices remain open during the day hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.It might be far away from your home and takes time to reach there. Sometimes, agents may insist you to buy that particular insurance policy that might not best for you. The agents get commission from the insurance companies. That’s why they drag you towards wring direction.  

Getting a quote over the phone. 

You can get a free insurance quote by making a call on different insurance companies like GEICO, State Farm, Farm bureau and USSA.There is recorded message and you get bored when you call again and again to check different quotes from different companies. Each time they ask same information about your driving record or vehicle information. You might get exhausted. 

What do you need before comparing quotes online?

You need to collect relevant personal information before comparing rates because online car insurance quote tools and insurance agents can provide you with only estimated rates. You need to check the quotes whether they are accurate according to your personal information. Make sure you have the following information about you and your vehicle before getting and comparing a quote.

About youAbout your vehicleAbout your driving history
Your full nameYour ageAddressCurrent insurance policy detailsDriving liscense numberMake and model of your carDate of purchaseSpeed of vehicleVehicle information number (VIN)Accident history if occurAny liscense suspenstion  

Final Thoughts

Auto insurance is necessary in Florida. You can buy the insurance policy that gives you the maximum coverage and other services on minimum rates. Auto insurance quotes are estimated values for different insurance policies. You can check the quotes by vising the agents, calling them or visiting the websites of different insurance companies. These companies provide their rates. You can see and compare them with other companies through auto insurance comparison tools via online.  Always go for the auto insurance policy that is affordable, charge you minimum with maximum services.